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About Us : CEO’s Message

代表取締役社長 石井 俊和"We aim for coexistence and development of society through making small products."

It is corporate philosophy of our NSK Micro Precision Co., Ltd. With this philosophy, we have been manufacturing and selling miniature ball bearings. Our products rotate in various places around us, and it has been active.

Although we were originally making balls for small ball-point pens, we have extended the place of the unit product to which a miniature ball bearing and its technology were applied in accordance with "the new value and demand" for each era, and its activity.

Now and forever, we would like to develop, produce and sell our products with new value to all customers and users, by the trust and technology as an important foundation which is built in the history beyond 70 years, in order to deliver the exceeded products which can respond to all customer and user’s expectation.

As always, we appreciate your continuing support for our activities.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Toshikazu Ishii